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I love  Rumi and I  am  as I learn  and  live  and  study  and love  starting  to understand  in my own  way the  words of  one of  my  favorite  poets..  this I think might  be one of  my  favorite  quote  at the  moment  by  Rumi

Emptiness Becomes Openness ~ Sometimes a Loss Can Be a Gain

 This  was  the daily om  sent  to my  email this  morning.. though I  can  not  see how  loss  of  a  parent in my  case can  be   seen as a   gain in the end.. I can  see the  wisdom in  this  for other  things.. try not  to  rush into anything to  fill the  void it  says  below.. this I  can  see the  wisdom in  for  allowing  the  grief does  allow openness I  am  hoping in  the  end  and in  doing  so more openness  to  the  wonders of  living  and  the heart

May 30, 2011
Emptiness Becomes Openness

Sometimes a Loss Can Be a Gain

While it is always important to honor what we’ve lost, sometimes a loss can also represent a chance for a new beginning.

When we lose anything that we cherish, the sense of emptiness we are left behind with can be overwhelming. A space that was filled, whether in our lives or our hearts, is now a void, and the feelings of pain, loss, and separation can sometimes be difficult to bear. While it is always important to honor what we’ve lost, sometimes a loss can also represent a chance for a new beginning. When we are ready, the void left by a relationship, a job, or a dream can then be viewed as open space that can be filled with something new: new experiences, new knowledge, new job opportunities, new dreams, new people, and new ways to grow.

There are many ways to weave the threads of loss into a blessing. If you’ve lost a job or ended a relationship, your first thoughts may revolve around filling the void with a similar job or the same kind of relationship. Try not to rush into anything just to fill up the emptiness. The loss of a job can free you up to explore new opportunities, especially if you’ve outgrown the old one. Likewise, the loss of a relationship can give you a chance to rediscover your own interests, explore new passions, and meet different people.

If seeking the good in what seems like a bad situation makes you feel uncomfortable, then try to remember that you are not devaluing what you’ve lost or replacing it cold-heartedly. You are surrendering to the fact that, in life, we sometimes have to let go and allow for what is new to enter into the open spaces created by our losses. In doing so, you are honoring what has left you and welcoming the new into your life with open space, an open mind, and an open heart.

the matrix heart ~ from my heart to yours

 I  am  touched  by someone  sharing  this  gift from their heart  to mine to help  with my  grieving  process..  so I am now  sharing it with you in love  and  compassion

Faith in the unknown

I  have to  agree  with this  quote.  For  at the  moment I need  to have  faith  for  so many things that I  am not  sure of..

Dear Woman

 this is  nice  vid.  I  ask my  masculine  side for  forgiveness so that  we  work  together in a beautiful union  of  love  and  compassion so  we  are loving beings in the  dove of  the  divine flies  with  both its  wings whole in  divinity, love  and  spirit..

The stillness at the center of our heart

 I  get  couple of  inspirational  things  sent  to my  email on a  regular  basis the  daily om is  one of  them. today daily om  resonated  deeply  with  me   because  for  sometime  now I  have been consciously and continuously  learning to  connect with the  stillness of  my heart in  all circumstances..  this  has  made a huge  different in  a lot of  ways in my life.. it has helped  me   greatly though  when I am  anxious or worried  and I  am firm believer in meditation finding the  stillness in your heart and  breathing

unfathomable love  WhiteStar Eagle

April 7, 2011
A World in Confusion
Cultivating Inner Clarity

If we can locate the stillness at the center of our hearts, we can find composure in almost any situation.

People who maintain their sense of calm when things around them are in a state of flux and confusion are always wonderful to be around. We feel calmer just being near them, as if they have activated our own sense of inner peace. From them we learn that we can be calm, even when everything around us is in turmoil, because we know that no matter what happens, this inner sense of calm will help us to function well. Often, times of confusion are the times that enable us to find that part of ourselves that knows how to cope, and how to be a light to others in the storm.

If we allow ourselves to be thrown off balance by every piece of disturbing news that comes our way, we may be relying too much on our emotions. On the other hand, our thoughts may also be unreliable at times like these, as they chatter on endlessly about what might happen next. If our feelings and thoughts activate one another in a hectic way, then we become caught up in the confusion that surrounds us. However, if we can locate the stillness at the center of our hearts, we can find composure in almost any situation. In addition, we provide a safe place for our friends and family, who are also prone to taking on the confusion of a world in flux.

It helps to remember that we don’t need to completely understand what’s happening right now, nor do we need to be able to predict the future. Most of us just want to find our way to being at peace with whatever happens, and we can find this peace inside. Cultivating our inner clarity with meditation, journaling, and reading words that inspire us, will lead us to that place inside us that’s already there, just waiting

We dance in the love of the divine and in that dance divinity answers back…

In the  grand  scheme of  things our infinite nature is  what  sees us  through.. We are infinite itself..We  are  the  cosmos itself.. We are one  with all that is and  all  that is with us..We dance in  the love  of  the  divine and in that  dance divinity answers  back YOU ARE LOVE!!! YOU ARE PRECIOUS !!

Enjoying the company of family

On Saturday I had a  visit from my parents. They  stopped  by  for  tea  for  an  hour or  so. It  was  nice and I really  enjoyed  their  company.

My thought  this  morning on this is  that  we  should  take  time to enjoy  the  company of  family and  not  fret  and worry  so much about what will happen when they  are  there.. This  take  us  from the moment  and we  could miss  something   really  beautiful. So  next  time Your parents  come stay in the moment and  see  what  beautiful  family memories  can  be  made.

Another meditation and healing energy to send to Japan to calm reactors and fears

My friend eyes of fire sent this to me and we  did  a group  healing meditation  for  japan  last  night  using  this  guided  meditation..  there  was a    group of us  doing it..  however  this  meditation  can be  used  anytime to  help  to  cool the  reactors  and  the fears over  there..

 You  can use  this  mediation  any time  you like  though  we  were  guided  to do this  yesterday  and  700 pm pacific  time.. however i  will be using it  and  doing  it at other times  too.. it  was   a  powerful mediation  and  energy  for  all those involved  and  was  beautiful  to behold over  japan

 I  am  placing the  email and  meditation here  for  all that  wish to use it

unfathomable love whitestar eagle and eyes of fire

I am being encouraged to get us together instantly so that at 7pm pacific  we can join energies and send them to Japan to cool the reactors and calm the fears over there. My impression is this is urgent.

(again  we had  done  this  last  night  but You  can  do it  anytime You want  and  get  group  together to  do it  as  well or join  with  others  and your  guides  that  are  sending out  the  same  time  as  you are)

I trust my source and am inviting you to join me on the spur of the moment right at 7 to 7:15 tonight. (this  was  done  last  night  but  please  feel  free  to  do this  meditation  anytime you  want  to)
guided imagery. We will imagine linking energy with our guides and with each another in a grid that expands into a butterfly energy the size of a city. This energy is multidimensional and balanced and is filled with unconditional love which gently flows over top of Japan’s worst areas, especially the reactors, and drops lasers of unconditional love off each aspect of the butterfly grid down onto the earth, the reactors and the people who are fearful and upset and suffering. Each of us will be joined by our own multidimensional teams so call upon them.

Thank you for choosing to be partners in this.

Listen to your inner song

This  morning I am  listen to my own inner song  and it  tells  the  story calm  and  peace at the  moment. This  calm  and  peace fills  my heart and  bones.. fills  my  very  soul  and in it  I  rest. I hope that you come  to listen  today to  your inner  song  and  find  the  same  or  treasure  that were  not  yet  know but are  now. So  rest  my  friends in your own inner  song  and  be  at  peace.

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