2013 New year’s message from Mother Mary and The Angels ~ trust in the power of heart, love, joy, hope and all things magical

  Here  is   a  new  year   channel  for   2013.. happy  New  year  everyone  may  it  be  filled  with  love,  joy abundance  and   all that you wish  for!

Greetings  Dear   Ones

  The  end of  the  year has   come  again  and  what   a  ride  2012  has  been.. Many ups  and  downs  for  you all but  you have  done  well. A new year is  upon  us as  we  enter it  fill your heart  with   joy, love, hope  and  trust  these are  all  essential  to  this  year   2013. The  gateway  to  your hearts is open.. Your  sacred heart  space  calls  you and  beckons  you  to live  by it  and  within it.  can you hear the  call ? Follow  your heart it  will lead  you.. let  your  mind becoming  a loving partner to your heart together  they  will guide you to   great  harmony  and balance.. for love is  the  greatest  power of  all and  can in it’s  infinite wisdom  and  profound unfathomable presence  guide you  to infinite  possibilities  you never  thought of  or  dreamed  of.. For  the  Divine  universe  and  source   knows much  more than  we  do..  the  magic   of  following    where it  leads in love  and   joy  just  might   take  you  to places  thoughts   and  dreams  you  could  never   imagine..So  with the  start of  this  new  year  be  like  a  child  and  trust  with  child  like innocence    and awe.. trust in the power of   heart,  love, joy  hope  and  all things magical.

 May  this  new  year 2013 bring you much love, joy, abundance  and  magical  happenings of  the heart

  With  Great love  for you all

Mother  Mary  and The Angels

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  2. merlinsgranddaughter
    Dec 31, 2012 @ 23:23:54

    I love the balance and the heart and mind working together….and trusting in your heart’s guidance. Thanks you Mary and Angels. Stay close please and thanks.
    Gail and Butterfly.


  3. whitestareagle
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 11:42:26

    your welcome eof.. i will stay close. glad you liked the channel gail and butterfly. love ya

    unfathomable love Whitestar Eagle and Mother Mary


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