Mayan ascension prophesy 2012 ~ December 21, 2012 ~ Part 2

It  has  taken  me  a  few  days   to bring  forth  the  second   channel  but I  hope  that is  helps  many of  you  shift   from  fear  to love..   for  as it  been  said this  shift is  all  about  love  and  joy  and  living  in  and  from our  hearts

Unfathomable love  Whitestar  Eagle

Mayan  ascension prophesy  2012 ~ December 21, 2012 ~ Part  2

Hello  again Dear Ones

Last time  we  spoke  about there  being  growing pains we  as  new  children  and  new  beings will have  and   survive in trust, love  and   faith with the  coming of  Dec 21 2012.

Let  us  address  those  growing  pains  and  what is  needed in the  time  ahead.  Everything on the  planet and  beyond  will  be  effected. As  a  new beginning  dawns  you the  new  children  and beings  will be learning  anew. Like  all  children  and human  beings there is  a learning  curve. This learning  curve  applies  as  well to  all of  humanity  and our  collective  consciousness.With the massive  shift in the  cosmos, the earth, its people  and all of  Creation it is  only  natural  for there it  be  anxiety, fear,  trepidation  and  confusion about  what will happen with the passing  of Dec 21,2012

Some of  the  growing  pains of  what  we  speak of   have  to  do with balance  and harmony within yourselves and  the mass  collective consciousness. The integrating  your  shadows,  releasing  all that does  not  serve you and  standing in your  power in joy  and love  as  we have  said  before.

The  growing  pains   come  with  some of  you not being  ready to  shift in  such a  massive  and monumental way. This  will cause  stress, confusion, anxiety  and  continued  fear. For  those of you that fit  this  category remember this  cosmic  and  galactic shift is  all  about love, joy, living in our  sacred heart  and living  from our hearts. However,  those of you  not  ready to  come  along  yet it is ok there is   no  pressure or  judgement in this. The  ascension  and the  shift  will  still effect you. For  you  the growing pains  will be  slow  baby  steps and  sometime intense but as  we have  said  before these  shifts are and have been intense for everyone  and all of  humanity so  you  are not  alone. remember  God  and the  universe never give you more than you can  handle. So  take heart  Dear Ones  for  we  all have  our  part to play in this  shift  and yours is  an important one. You will  grow  at your own  speed, time with  guidance  from your hearts, love,  courage and  those willing to  guide and love you rest assured you will be  fine. There is  much love  and  compassion for you from the  Divine  and  all of  Creation. So  be  assured  Dear Ones all is  well.As  alway  ask and  pray for  assistance and it  will be  there  always. You  are loved as  the  perfect  children of  God  and the universe you are.

Yet  for others of  you  that have been  preparing, shifting, who have stepped into their  power  and  are and  will embrace the  shift  and  the  responsiblity  that  comes  with  doing   so  the  growing pains  will  be  different in some  ways  and  not  so  different in others.For you your    responsiblity  is  to assist, help and  guide others  and humanity. To hold  the  energy, hold  the  space for  the  shift and  ascension. The  growing pains here  and the  challenge is  to  stay in  your power.  To  recognize your personal patterns that  keep you from it and  then  blast through those  patterns to a  new paradigm. To  continue  to  shift those limiting  beliefs  and your own  shadows  to better  serve  first  yourselves in healing  and  then others  and humanity. It is  a  great  responsiblity but  one  we  are most  assured you  can handle or  you  would  not be being  called  and guided  to  do so. Another   part of the  growing pains is  to listen to your hearts  and  be  guided by it at  all  times.  To  release  anything  that  no  longer  serve  you in  essence let  go  and  let it  be.  Yes  we  are using  the  beatles here  because “LET IT BE ” and  let  yourself  be who you are is  what is  required. It is  absolutely necessary  for you, humanity and  all created  things.Of  course it   does not  come  without its  challenges  for there will still be  stress, confusion, anxiety and  sometimes  fear that comes  with  such a  momentous and  galactic  shifts  as  these. The  differences  here  will be recognizing  them and  then using them, releasing them and  shifting yourself  through them  to a  whole  new  paradigm and  reality. In  doing so bring yourself  back to balance, harmony, love  and joy.  So you  can continue  to serve your  greatest  good and  the  greatest  good of  all you serve and love. Without  question the  greatest  good of humanity, all of   Creation  and the universe.  For this is  what  we  were  all born to  do is live  up to our  greatest  potential for  ourselves  and God.  at  every moment  we  are  doing this by  just  being  who we  are. There is  much love  and  support  for you all you have to do is ask and  we will be  there with much love  and guidance.

Then there  will be  some that  will be  completely unaware of  any  of this for them it  will be just  another  day like  any other. However,  as  we  said  before all have their  part to play and  an important part it is. For  these  souls their  growing pains is  to wake  up from the  sleep  they  are in.  To open to the  greater possibilities than they can  presently see. However  dear ones is it  not all of  our roles to always look to  greater possibilities for ourselves  and our  lives.

 With that we will close  by saying peace, trust,  love  and  faith be  with you always.

Joy and love of this  time  be  with you

 Unfathomable  Love Your Ancestors of  Creation and  Whitestar  Eagle

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gail Siler
    Nov 22, 2012 @ 12:18:21

    Well done, Granddaughter!


  2. whitestareagle
    Nov 23, 2012 @ 08:47:09

    thank you Grandma !! Hugs


  3. Jelly
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 22:27:06

    😉 wow you two. Pmsl – Michelle when I bumped into u in the coffee shop in the Beaches 3 weeks ago. I was leaving and sat down again, cos u mentioned you were whitestareagle. That morning before I saw you I started getting covered in white feathers and all I knew was the White Eagle had landed. Everybody is giggling at me cos, my feather down coat seems to cover just me in white feathers. And my mates think I have been fighting with chickens.


  4. whitestareagle
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 08:26:15

    ahh jelly seem you found us huh? well that does not surprizes me happens like that sometime you thought it and ran into me and then found out the info you wanted to know.. unverse and divine that we meet again that day.. thank for dropping by..

    unfathomable love WhiteStar Eagle


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