Mayan ascension prophesy 2012 ~ December 21, 2012 ~ Part 1

tonight I have channeled information about the Mayan ascension prophesy of Dec 21 2012.

unfathomable love WhiteStar Eagle

Mayan ascension prophesy 2012 ~ December 21, 2012 ~ Part 1

Dear ones

First off there is no reason to fear the changes if you understand there is no time and space as you know it. For that is an illusion as many of you are coming to understand there is no time and space. Have you noticed how fast things have been moving in a blink of an eye? As this time of what most believe to be the end of the world approaches let’s be clear you are not all going to up and poof off the planet. Now is the time to stand in your power for the power of love and joy to reign. Now is the time for integrating your shadows and releasing of all that does not serve you.. However there is no more game playing time is short.

The mass conscious collective is shifting in quantum leaps this year and many of you are shifting quantum leaps with it. As well as shifting on multi dimensional levels you are not even aware of . though for some of you there is an awareness of this because you are and have been called to assist in the mass shift to help humanity through it. Make no mistake though every person on the planet and all created things has their part to play. For in quantum physics we are all connected and what affects one can and does ripple to effect all.

So with that in mind on December, 21 2012 there will be a quantum leap of tremendous importance that the mayan’s speak of and echos through their ancestors and time itself to every person, place, thing and all of creation.There will be a galactic shift in the cosmos. In terms you would understand there will be a collision of quantum light particles that will change your planet, it’s people and the cosmos itself for the better. *chuckles* yes let call it the big “O” little death because in the grand scheme of things that what it is.

In Native American terms lets call it a continuation of the Creation story. For the world mass consciousness and the cosmos start anew Dec 21, 2012 it is not the end but the beginning. It is the merging of all that is with no division. it is living in the sacred heart itself. BEING IT for that is what you are.

Has this year been easy for many of you no but birth is never easy with a mix of pain and joy. The earth to is going through birthing pains hence all the traumatic weather and climate changes but it is a releasing of toxins and cleansing to give birth to a new earth. a new one where the mass consciousness wakes up now is the time there is no more. the birth is upon us and new children are being born both physically and metaphysically.We are the new children with love and child like wonder we will grow and thrive and like all new beings there will be growing pains but we will survive in trust , love and faith.

Joy of this time be with you !

Your Ancestors of Creation

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