I just want you to know who I AM

  here is  excert  from the  channel  I wrote  for  nourish  for  march  :

Hello Dear Ones,
Let’s begin… The  month of love has passed but as we  have  said  before every  day is a day to celebrate  love in all  forms and in all ways.  For in this love we expand with All That Is and All of Creation.

March is the start of spring where everything starts to sprout and blossom. So like  the  flowers, plants  and trees what do you want to blossom and sprout? Tend the garden of your heart, mind, spirit and soul.  Remove the weeds (beliefs, thoughts, old worn out habits etc.) that no longer serve you. Release shame, guilt, fear and regret as they are no longer needed.  Tend the seeds of what makes you happy. Tend the seeds of joy.  Tend the seeds of love. Spread the seeds around to others, the world and the universe. Spread the seeds around to yourself as well for you deserve these  seeds of love, joy happiness, laughter and abundance as much as   anyone else. YOU ARE ENOUGH!!! YOU ARE WORTHY of  all the universe and Creation has to offer you and more !!!

There are lyrics to a song we heard that says what we would like to convey.

 It is this:

“I just want you to know who I AM”

We want you to know who you are at your very core!! We want you to understand how much you are loved beyond measure, time and space!! THAT YOU ARE ENOUGH!!…..

  if  you  like  to  read the  rest  go  to the  link  below

 I just want you to know who I AM

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