Heart centered living ~ following the calling of your heart

here is  an  exert from my channel  for  april in  nourish  publications :

Hello Dear Ones

Today  we  would like  to  talk  to you  about  staying in  your heart and living  from your  heart. The  heart  has  the  biggest  electrical magnetic energy  field in the  body  more  than  even the  brain. So  does it  not  make  sense that  now is  the  time to live by your  heart. Your balance in these times is important and imperative. Staying in your heart is of the utmost importance. Did  you know  the first  thing to  develop before  anything  else in a  fetus in the  womb is  the heart. Does this not tell you how important you hearts are?

Connect to your heart and you ultimately connect to the universe within and outwardly. You are connected to “All of Creation” through your heart!!! …..

to   read the  rest of  the  channel  please  go  to  the link  below

on  page  ten of  this  issue  of  nourish  You  will  find the  article Heart  centered  living ~ following the  calling of  your heart


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  1. Sri
    Oct 04, 2014 @ 11:59:32


    I could not find.


    Could you please repost this link.

    Thanks, Love and Light.


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