Claiming your warrior/warrioress of love

I  know  this is  little  late  but   here it is  and I  am  sorry  for the  delay .

 here is   an  exert from June  channel in Nourish publications

Here I sit in my favourite cafe. As I drop down into my heart center a quiet peace and stillness descends over me, enveloping me like a warm pink cozy blanket. As it envelops me it brings me a sense of love that makes me tear up in a good way. Stepping toward me is an angel and my ancestral warrioress guide Emma. They reach out to me and embrace me in a hug. Settling down together, I listen as they begin to speak…

“Dear ones you are powerful!!! Now is the time to bring forward your warrior /warrioress of love !!! This is not to war, fight or battle, that is not the purpose of this era in time. The purpose is to bring forward your warrior/warrioress of love so they may guide and teach you strength, courage, fortitude and the power of using love to stand your ground, step up to yourself and your power as was discussed in last month’s channel.

Using the power of love in…….

 please see  the  link  below  to  see the  rest

Claiming your warrior/warrioress of love

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