pink full moon ~April 21,2016~ full moon cermony/ritual

Here is   full moon   idea  to help  shift  the  energy and  transform it   for  this   full  moon  and it   will be  a  pink  moon  ..  yeahhhhhh !!

Morning Thoughts of a sleepy blogger ~ how can why questions be a good thing

As I  sit  drinking my  earl  grey  tea thoughts  that  are  coming  to me  this  morning  are about  a lot of   whys .  do  whys  have to be  a bad. no they  do  not .. we  do ask  why for  a lot of  things.  Usually  when  we  ask  why it  in resistance  to  something that  happened or  something we  did  not  want to happen then  we  question  why..

however children  ask  why  all  the  time in their  innocence sweet way  of learning ..  Daddy  why is  the  sky  blue? mom why do  i  have  to  do  that?.   grandma why can’t i  fly? the  why questions  could  go on  endlessly..  it is  the  way  children  learn and it the   way  we  learn.

So  for  us maybe  ask  ourselves..  why  do i have  passion  for  what  ever it is  i  am  doing? why  do i  love the  work i  do? why  do i love  reading ,  writing , rock climbing , sky diving  etc. ? what  ever it is  you love  to  do find  the  why..   for in the  why then you might  just  find  treasure you never  thought of  and  that my  friend  is  wonderful.. for then you learned  something   new  and  can then  turn them into magic by  using the  innocent   sweet  question into  deeper  knowledge of  yourself  and the  world  and people  around  you.. in  doing   so you  might  just find  way  to use your why to motivate you into learning  more..

with that  this  sleepy  blogger is  signing off to   finish her  tea. why because it give me  a  moments  quiet  to  practice  my  mindfulness  and  still my thoughts  that are  ping  ponging  around my head  at the  moment



full moon and lunar eclipse march 23,2016

tonight is a  full moon  and a lunar  eclipse  it is in libra .. here is  some idea on how  to use  the  energy  and  what  for  on  page  47  of  nourish.

Just start.. open doors by just starting

i  really like Kyle  cease.. i  really  like  this video.

Open invisible  doors  by  starting

Stillness and quietness

Stillness within I  am  not  an  expert  at it  by  any means  but  a  am learning  every day as  we  all  do.. these  are  just  my  thoughts  and  feeling  on it for  today.. Namaste  my  friends  enjoy

Authenticity and openness

In  this  moment  of quietness before I  head  to  bed in  a little   while my awareness  has settles  on  authenticity  and  openness. The  moment  that synchronicity happens  that you  could have  near  planed   yourself..  that  the  universe  and  the  divine  planned  for  you.. yesterday  was one of  those  days   for  me.. One of  those  days  where you think  ok  well magic  is  afoot.. one of  those  day  where  you  throw  out  an  inspired idea  at  someone  spontaneously  and  only  realized   what you  actually had offered  up  second  after it   came out of  your  mouth  and not  before..  where  you  walk  into  a  place  and you happen  to be in the  right  place  at the  right  time.. it  was  one  of  those  days   yesterday and  i  was in  the  peace  and  openness  of  it..  today it  carried  on  for  most of  the   day with  authenticity.

Wednesday evening musings

As  I  sit  in the  quietness  of  my  home I  wonder  sometimes on the  reality of  things.. How  fascinating our  universe is .. How interesting  our  thoughts ,  feelings and  physical bodies  work. most  fascinating   to  me how our unseen   spiritual  and  energetic worlds work.. A  never  ending  process  of  discovery of  magic , alchemy, self  discovery,   wisdom, knowledge   and    inner  knowing .

Random thoughts of WhiteStar Eagle

So today I  really  don’t  know   what  to blog  about so here  are  just  some  random thoughts

What if  sitting in  quiet  stillness  was  the  door to  all  things?

So  asking  myself  ” what  would  love  do?”  in  regards  to how i  am  feeling   today  and i  guess it  time  to  go  do walking  mindfulness  mediation  for  a  while

I’m thinking   also  gentleness  and  non judgment  with myself is  also  needed

Letting go of I’m not enough ~ You are always enough

You are always enough now and always !!!! A releasing and let go of the thoughts that say i am not enough and realize you are love and in love you are always enough !!

What if right in this moment you were the pause between your breaths?

What if right in this moment you  were  the  pause  between your  breaths?

What  would  that  feel like?

For, me it  was  calm, peaceful,  still and  depthless.

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