Morning Thoughts of a sleepy blogger ~ how can why questions be a good thing

As I  sit  drinking my  earl  grey  tea thoughts  that  are  coming  to me  this  morning  are about  a lot of   whys .  do  whys  have to be  a bad. no they  do  not .. we  do ask  why for  a lot of  things.  Usually  when  we  ask  why it  in resistance  to  something that  happened or  something we  did  not  want to happen then  we  question  why..

however children  ask  why  all  the  time in their  innocence sweet way  of learning ..  Daddy  why is  the  sky  blue? mom why do  i  have  to  do  that?.   grandma why can’t i  fly? the  why questions  could  go on  endlessly..  it is  the  way  children  learn and it the   way  we  learn.

So  for  us maybe  ask  ourselves..  why  do i have  passion  for  what  ever it is  i  am  doing? why  do i  love the  work i  do? why  do i love  reading ,  writing , rock climbing , sky diving  etc. ? what  ever it is  you love  to  do find  the  why..   for in the  why then you might  just  find  treasure you never  thought of  and  that my  friend  is  wonderful.. for then you learned  something   new  and  can then  turn them into magic by  using the  innocent   sweet  question into  deeper  knowledge of  yourself  and the  world  and people  around  you.. in  doing   so you  might  just find  way  to use your why to motivate you into learning  more..

with that  this  sleepy  blogger is  signing off to   finish her  tea. why because it give me  a  moments  quiet  to  practice  my  mindfulness  and  still my thoughts  that are  ping  ponging  around my head  at the  moment



Ok I dare You not to laugh!!! I’m sure many will be laughing by the end of this video

Ok I dare  You  not  to  laugh !!!! You  been  warned  how  long   can you  hold  out ?? me  was   5  seconds  baby  laughter  get  me  ever  time  and   by the  end i had  tears  of  laughter  rolling  down my  cheeks..

Cute and silly mood tonight

  I  am in  a bit of   a  cute  and  silly  mood  tonight  so here   a  couple of  pictures  to match.


Letting go of I’m not enough ~ You are always enough

You are always enough now and always !!!! A releasing and let go of the thoughts that say i am not enough and realize you are love and in love you are always enough !!

Find what make you your Own kind of beautiful and be that with your whole heart and soul !!!!

Be Your own kind of  beautiful !!!!


a while  ago I  bought myself  a  shirt  with  this  saying on it  in my  favorite  color pink  and my favorite  flowers on it  roses. I  bought it  as  a  reminder to be  my own  kind of  beautiful..  You  see I don ‘ t  see  my self  as  the  prettiest  women  in a room at a party.. I don’t see myself as  a  social  butterfly in  a  large  group of  people.. can I  socialize  sure I  can I’m just  better  at doing it in small  groups.. Will  You find  me  jumping  out  of  an  airplane  with  a  parachute on plummeting  to the  ground  at  god  know  how  fast no  not  me.


  Will you  find me on  a dance  floor  dancing  my  ass  off, yes you will.. Can  You  find  me helping  friends  and  family in  need  at  ever  chance i  get  every  day,  yes  you  will.. Will  You  find  me  sharing  my  gifts  with healing  and  children yes  … will  You find  me wanting to  try  rock  climbing  and  doing sensory  deprivation  float  tanks   because I  love  them, yes  you  will.. will  you  find  me  doing a random act of  kindness  every day? yes  you will..  You  will   for  sure   find  a  warm hearted,  pure-hearted  and   a person that’s  authentically  me   full of  unconditional  love for  all   I  meet, the  world  and  it’s  people yes you  will because that’s  what make  me my own  kind of  beautiful..


So  find  what  make You your Own kind of  beautiful  and   be  that   with your  whole heart  and  soul !!!!



 With unfathomable  love WhiteStar Eagle/Michelle

February’s Nourish is served


if  you like  to  read  my  channels  the power  animal ~ copper  fish is  on pg 41 and on  pg 46 a channel  called~  listen  within  each of  you is  your  heart  song by the angels. plus  much  more..  rituals   for  the  full  and new  moon and  whats in store  for  them crystal  reading ,  rune  reading..  there  are  many  amazing   article  to  read too  so  grab  your   cup  of  tea of  coffee  and  enjoy

Jan 2016 nourish’s publication is served

grab  a   cup of  tea  or  coffee  and  enjoy

If  You like  to  read  my  articles   this  month the  are on  page  41 snake  being  the power  animal  this  month. Also  my  channel on page 51 called   do  not  deny  yourself  yourown love


I the cat, do solemnly swear not to climb the Christmas tree.. I do really Honestly.. lol who am i kidding you know I am going to do it !! lol

Chuckle I  just  have  to  anyone that has  a  cat understands.. I   don’t put  a   Christmas   tree  up  because  my little  man  would  totally  get in it  and   I have no  space  for  big one.

trying to look innocent not working .. lol


Decemeber 21, 2014 ~ Winter solstice and new moon reading from the angels

Today  the  angels  wanted  me  to pull  some  cards  for  all of  us.. The  deck I  am  using is  the  Cherub  angel  cards  for  children from  Doreen Virtue.. I  am  being  guided  that we all need  to  tap into  our   child  like  selves  hence  this reading..

the   first  card is :


The  angel  know  you  are  smart.  learning help  you  now and  in the  future. what   do you like  to learn  about  most?  this  card  asks  you to  do  your  homework on  what  ever it is  your heart desires  most.

the  second  card is :

 One  step  at  a  time (this  card  support  the  first one)

The  angel know  you  might  be  confused or  scared   when you think  about   doing homework or  chores. sometime  the  job  seem  to big! this  card  say  to  focus on  doing one  small  part. don’t  think  about  the  whole job. just  think  about  doing  one  step  at a  time. this  is how you can  finish  any  big job. You  will use  this  skill  when your  an  adult  to.

the  third  card is :

You  are a  wonderful person

God  and  the  angel love you  for who you  are  right  now!! It  doesn’t  matter  what other  people  say  about  you. The only thing  that matter is  that  God  love  You!! Please love yourself  too !!

Alright  hope  you  enjoyed  the   reading  for  the  winter   solstice  and  new  moon today..  this  reading  resonated  very  very much  with me  and i hope  with you  too ..  thank You  Divine  Source   and  angels

You only have two choose fear or love. choose love and never let fear turn you against your playful heart

These   words  made me  shiver in  deep  recognition  and  tear  up  with  tears of  knowing..

You only have two choose  fear or  love.  choose  love  and  never let  fear  turn you  against your playful heart..  Jim Carrey

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