pink full moon ~April 21,2016~ full moon cermony/ritual

Here is   full moon   idea  to help  shift  the  energy and  transform it   for  this   full  moon  and it   will be  a  pink  moon  ..  yeahhhhhh !!

full moon and lunar eclipse march 23,2016

tonight is a  full moon  and a lunar  eclipse  it is in libra .. here is  some idea on how  to use  the  energy  and  what  for  on  page  47  of  nourish.

the song “enough”

Enchanted Grove

this  is   the   song  that plays   at the   end  of  the   video in   the  post   below it..  I  think it is  important  to post  because of  the  lyrics  and  the message

they  are  a new band   called   the  Mrs. an all-female rock band   and  their  single “Enough”, was written to help women see themselves with a less critical eye, and realize that they are “Enough” just the way they are

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Find what make you your Own kind of beautiful and be that with your whole heart and soul !!!!

Be Your own kind of  beautiful !!!!


a while  ago I  bought myself  a  shirt  with  this  saying on it  in my  favorite  color pink  and my favorite  flowers on it  roses. I  bought it  as  a  reminder to be  my own  kind of  beautiful..  You  see I don ‘ t  see  my self  as  the  prettiest  women  in a room at a party.. I don’t see myself as  a  social  butterfly in  a  large  group of  people.. can I  socialize  sure I  can I’m just  better  at doing it in small  groups.. Will  You find  me  jumping  out  of  an  airplane  with  a  parachute on plummeting  to the  ground  at  god  know  how  fast no  not  me.


  Will you  find me on  a dance  floor  dancing  my  ass  off, yes you will.. Can  You  find  me helping  friends  and  family in  need  at  ever  chance i  get  every  day,  yes  you  will.. Will  You  find  me  sharing  my  gifts  with healing  and  children yes  … will  You find  me wanting to  try  rock  climbing  and  doing sensory  deprivation  float  tanks   because I  love  them, yes  you  will.. will  you  find  me  doing a random act of  kindness  every day? yes  you will..  You  will   for  sure   find  a  warm hearted,  pure-hearted  and   a person that’s  authentically  me   full of  unconditional  love for  all   I  meet, the  world  and  it’s  people yes you  will because that’s  what make  me my own  kind of  beautiful..


So  find  what  make You your Own kind of  beautiful  and   be  that   with your  whole heart  and  soul !!!!



 With unfathomable  love WhiteStar Eagle/Michelle

February’s Nourish is served


if  you like  to  read  my  channels  the power  animal ~ copper  fish is  on pg 41 and on  pg 46 a channel  called~  listen  within  each of  you is  your  heart  song by the angels. plus  much  more..  rituals   for  the  full  and new  moon and  whats in store  for  them crystal  reading ,  rune  reading..  there  are  many  amazing   article  to  read too  so  grab  your   cup  of  tea of  coffee  and  enjoy

January’s Nourish is served ~ So grab a cup coffee or tea and enjoy and snuggle up in good blanket and take a read

there  are many wonderful  article in nourish  this  month they  are :   Be the Sacred Vibrations, Power  animal Thunderbird, Basking in Stillness, How to Push Through Your Fears, Even if we are Single we have a Partner,The Void, Lunar Cycles for January, Crystal Reading for January, Pied Piper of the Universes,  Angel Message for January 2015 and much much  more..

So  grab  a  cup coffee  or  tea  and  enjoy  and   snuggle up in  good  blanket  and  read

December nourish is served ~ enjoy the read with a warm cup of whatever you choose and enjoy

Nourish publications  is  served  sit   down  with a  nice  warm  cup of   what  ever  you  choose  and  enjoy  the  magical,  enlightening, inspirational articles   from  all the  wonderful  authors. From  our  families  to  yours  have  a  wonderful, loving  and  blessed  season.

November’s Nourishment is served ~ Nov issue of Nourish publications

November  nourishment is   served..In  this   issue can  read what  would  love   do, golden  threads,  friendships in soul-ship ,lunar   cycle   for  november, power  animal  dragon, 6  ways  you  can  get  past  procrastination, the  return  to balance  and  message from the  angels..  there is  much  much  more  within  the  pages  as  well  so   grab  a  hot   drink  and   enjoy  the   read

choose to be happy and grounding helps you make that choose.

As I  sit  here in the  early morning thinking  about  grounding a  song   comes  to  my head.. the  song is  if  your happy  and  you  know it..  now I   am  like  what??  why  would  this  song be   coming  to mind  when I ‘m thinking  about  grounding ?  then I heard because  sometime  you  just  need  to make  a  choose  to be  happy  and  grounding  helps  you make that  choose.

Tonight full moon and lunar eclipse ~ oct 8 2014

so  tonight   is  the  full moon it is  a  blood  moon  and  also  will  be  a lunar  eclipse..  this  is  the  hunter moon..

this  maybe  a  time  where  a little  alone  time is    good..   find  out   where  your heart is and  follow it..   so  release  things  that  no  longer  serve  you  and  find  your  creative  energy     to  release  them..   responding   rather  then  reacting  will  also help in  this  time … we  are   all  divine  children of  God /  Source .. if you  find  yourself   a little  bit  off  then just  ground  and   be  present  ..

there  can  be  much healing  in this  full moon   so  stay  grounded  and  know  that in  Your   transformation   in this   full moon  you  are loved

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