Just start.. open doors by just starting

i  really like Kyle  cease.. i  really  like  this video.

Open invisible  doors  by  starting

February’s Nourish is served


if  you like  to  read  my  channels  the power  animal ~ copper  fish is  on pg 41 and on  pg 46 a channel  called~  listen  within  each of  you is  your  heart  song by the angels. plus  much  more..  rituals   for  the  full  and new  moon and  whats in store  for  them crystal  reading ,  rune  reading..  there  are  many  amazing   article  to  read too  so  grab  your   cup  of  tea of  coffee  and  enjoy

Small angel reading for Jan 11,2016

So here is  my  first  you tube angel  reading it  small but   again  it’s a  start

New mooin Capricorn and SOLSTICE December 21st 2014~

Here is   good  articles  on  tonight   new   moon  and the  winter   solstice  on  December 21,2014


Enjoy  and  tonight   do  something  special  to honor  the   new moon  and  the  winter  solstice of   December 21,2014.. It is  a  very powerful time

December nourish is served ~ enjoy the read with a warm cup of whatever you choose and enjoy

Nourish publications  is  served  sit   down  with a  nice  warm  cup of   what  ever  you  choose  and  enjoy  the  magical,  enlightening, inspirational articles   from  all the  wonderful  authors. From  our  families  to  yours  have  a  wonderful, loving  and  blessed  season.

November’s Nourishment is served ~ Nov issue of Nourish publications

November  nourishment is   served..In  this   issue can  read what  would  love   do, golden  threads,  friendships in soul-ship ,lunar   cycle   for  november, power  animal  dragon, 6  ways  you  can  get  past  procrastination, the  return  to balance  and  message from the  angels..  there is  much  much  more  within  the  pages  as  well  so   grab  a  hot   drink  and   enjoy  the   read

The sign posts of your heart is Your yellow brink road to the treasures of..

Find  your heart  and  follow  it’s  lead..The sign posts  of your heart is  Your   yellow brink  road  to the  treasures of your heart  and  dreams..

tuesday morning tea musing ~ Monkey around, be playful and be full of curiosity

so this  mornings  tea  musing is :

Monkey  around,  be playful and  be  full of  curiosity this  helps  you  shift  your perceptions  to  a more innocent  state.. In  that  state through innocent  perception  and  curiosity portals  of  wonder open up  for  you in a  state of love  and  grace..

living your dream

here is  another  tut I  really like

Hey, , what if, instead of waiting for everything to be perfect, we start living your dreams this week, to any degree we can?

The Universe

September’s nourish is served grab a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy

September  nourishment  is   served

the  articles  included shifting  toward  kindness, conscious parenting,  what  dream  may  come,  channeled  messages from angels, channel from power  animal  swallow, lunar  cycles  for  September,  runes,  crystal  reading   for  Sept and  much much more..  so  get yourself a  cup of  tea or  coffee  and  take  a  break  for  yourself  and    enjoy


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