Story of Gianna-Lynn-age-8-needs-a-liver-transplant

my  niece’s   best  friend  is  in  need of  a liver  transplant  and  she is only  8 years old..  if  you  would  consider  donating  or helping  by  passing  this  around  feel  free..  here is   part of her   story… Gianna  is  type  o  blood.. it  would be  appreciated if  you  would  consider   donating or  pass  this  around thank you from our   the  bottom of  our hearts my  family  and her’s  .

for  more information on  Gianna story and  liver  donation  and how  you  can help  please   see link  below:

We are appealing to you in hope to find a live liver donor for our precious daughter, Gianna-Lynn. We have already reached out to close friends and family but so far nobody, including us (her mom and dad), has been a match.

Gianna has Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). She also suffers from Crohn’s disease. In PSC, inflammation causes scars within the bile ducts. These scars gradually cause serious liver damage, including cirrhosis and liver failure. After almost two years spent battling her disease, specialists at Sick Kids hospital in Toronto have determined that Gianna’s condition has deteriorated to the point where she needs a liver transplant.She is now on a transplant list, waiting for the gift of life.

please  see the  rest of  Gianna  story  above in the link


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