Decemeber 21, 2014 ~ Winter solstice and new moon reading from the angels

Today  the  angels  wanted  me  to pull  some  cards  for  all of  us.. The  deck I  am  using is  the  Cherub  angel  cards  for  children from  Doreen Virtue.. I  am  being  guided  that we all need  to  tap into  our   child  like  selves  hence  this reading..

the   first  card is :


The  angel  know  you  are  smart.  learning help  you  now and  in the  future. what   do you like  to learn  about  most?  this  card  asks  you to  do  your  homework on  what  ever it is  your heart desires  most.

the  second  card is :

 One  step  at  a  time (this  card  support  the  first one)

The  angel know  you  might  be  confused or  scared   when you think  about   doing homework or  chores. sometime  the  job  seem  to big! this  card  say  to  focus on  doing one  small  part. don’t  think  about  the  whole job. just  think  about  doing  one  step  at a  time. this  is how you can  finish  any  big job. You  will use  this  skill  when your  an  adult  to.

the  third  card is :

You  are a  wonderful person

God  and  the  angel love you  for who you  are  right  now!! It  doesn’t  matter  what other  people  say  about  you. The only thing  that matter is  that  God  love  You!! Please love yourself  too !!

Alright  hope  you  enjoyed  the   reading  for  the  winter   solstice  and  new  moon today..  this  reading  resonated  very  very much  with me  and i hope  with you  too ..  thank You  Divine  Source   and  angels


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