Truly seeing your own beauty

I  have  to  share  the  tut  from the universe  today because   ever  time I read it  I get  those happy  tears.. yes it is  a  confirmation  for  me  as   well of transformation from the  play  I have  done the  last  week  and  the  assistance  I had  to  do it. thank you  !! I love You !!

Do you know what my “why” is, (insert your name here)?

Watching you “wake up” one day – mid-stride, mid-cupcake, or mid-email – and truly seeing your own beauty. Crying happy tears, blowing kisses into the wind, and thinking, “I get it! I get Me! I love you, (insert  your  name  and  initial of  last  name  here)!” … crumbs falling from your mouth.

Take your time,
The Universe


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