goddesses that are with us this weekend nov 22 and – 23, 2014

so  I got   quiet   took  a  few   deep   breaths  and  asked   which goddesses  are  with us  this  weekend..   two  fell  from the   deck..


high  priestess

” you  have divine   knowledge  that  can  help other  through your   spiritual   teaching”

honor  your  sacred  knowledge  and  share it  with  other..  you know and have  gift  to   share  with  other   and the world. it   is  time  to  share  those  gifts  ..  you  are powerful  being  and   sharing your light   with others  and the  world is  important !!



“Love  yourself  to  say no to  others demands on your  time  and  energy”

there is  a  differance   between  giving of  yourself and  give up  yourself.  if  you   find  yourself  tired   resentful or   guilty while helping others  take  a  step  back  and  re assess the  situation.. it ok  to  say  no   and  take  care of  yourself  because in the  long    run  it is  also  taking   care of   other  to  set  your  own  boundaries.. doing  thing   for  other   with  a  grateful heart  and  love   not out of  guilty and obligation.



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