if I was to notice what I notice that would be useful for us all through our day what would it be?

so  this  morning I  asked  myself  this  question..

if  I  was  to notice   what I  notice that  would  be useful for  us  all  through our  day  what  would   it  be?

the  answers  came in  form of  two  quotes  so here they  are:


Let  us  be  grateful to those who make us happy.They  are gardeners who make our  soul blossom.

Marcel Proust


Impossible situations can  become possible miracles.

Robert H.Schuller


as I  noticed  these  quotes  two of  the people   that make  me  happiest  in  the  whole  world are  under  them one of  my  nieces  and one of  my  nephews




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