message from the angels ~ You are amazing and the cat meow

This  morning  we  want  you to  know  that  you  are strong..  that  you  are beautiful..  that    you  are  amazing  and  the  cat  meow.. for  there is   so much  beautiful potential in you.. You must  let it  out   for the  world  to  see no  more hiding.. what is  the  use in hiding it   when it  was  meant  to be  shared.. the  beautiful light  that you  are   can  and  does  move mountain..  so   go   shine  that  beautiful light  and  know  we  are  with you  always.

the  angels

( I  had  to  laugh  at the  cat meow  made me   chuckle  while i  was giving  this  message  from the  angel  to  you..  they  can be  funny  sometimes)


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