the power of Your words to heal, inspire and share love with all you know

Today  tea  musing   is :

 Today I  have been  thinking  about  the power of  words.. They  can  do  so  much  to heal and  we  all  know the  power  they have  to hurt  as  well..

 However   today I  choose  to  focus on the  power of  words  to heal our hearts  minds  and  souls.. You  see  yesterday I  was  given  a  compliment  from  someone  very  dear  to  me I  have known  for  a  long  long  time  since I was in my  teens  and   youth..The  words  He  choose  was  simple  to  acknowledge how  important  our  experiences   and  memories  were  to  him and  to  thank me.. what it   did   for  me  was  bring  me  to  tears in  a  good  way and  made  my heart  swell  with  those happy  feelings..

  So you never  know  the  power of  Your  words  to heal  and  inspire..  so  today find words  to inspire  heal  and  give  love  to  all you know


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