monday morning tea musing

the  first thing  that pops  up  as I  enjoy my morning  cup of   tea and  this  mornings  tea  musing  wells  up is :

How  awesome it is  for me  to have a  new  nephew !!! how awesome  it is that  for  nine  months  he has  been nestled in the  womb of  my  sister  and   love and  then flowed  forth  from that  warmth  to the love  of  his  family.. awesome

 the  second  thing  that wells  up is  that  we  are  all  nestled  in that  same  love  all the  time  and  at  every minute.. all  we  have  to  do is  drop  down  and  remember  feel it  know  it !!!!!!  drop in right  now !! drop into that love !!!!  mmmmmmm there  you go… feel it  bath in it  !!!

 the  third   thing  that  well  up is  have  a fabulous  day !!!!


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