Power animal for July ~ Grouse ~ The dance of the sacred spiral of love

here is  exert    from the    power  animal   for  the  month of  July   in  nourish publications which is  Grouse ~ The  dance of  the  sacred spiral of love

When I asked what the power animal this month was and Grouse came forward, I laughed! See only a few days before I had a conversation with a friend and we were talking about Grouse. At the time I thought Grouse would be a good power animal. However none came forward until the day before the deadline. This was interesting to me only because I usually get the animal message a few days before. However, every time I asked up to this point I got an outright “NO” about if animal was coming forward then. It was an exercise in trust. At last though Grouse scurries in like a whirl wind spiral.

Their message this month is this:

“I am associated with the sacred spirals. Sacred spirals are everywhere in nature and your world. In fact you are made up of sacred spirals .They are called D.N.A, kundalini and chakras. Even your eyes and your finger prints have sacred spirals in them. This is very important to creation. The very act of creation is a merging; a swirling together that creates worlds, universes and the human being.

It is so much more then that though because we are the universe, the divine …

   here is   the link  below  to  read the  rest:

July’s power animal ~ Grouse


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