This love is the rose.. that blooms forever ..Rumi

so here  I  sit with  my morning   cup of  tea  wondering   what  to  write   about   when  my  eye  falls  to the  card I  bought  myself posted  to the back of  my head  board of  my bed.. it is  card  with a pink  rose on  it  the  petals  spiraling  in to what  I  think is  a pearl. 

 the   quote reads

This  love is  the  rose..  that  blooms  forever ..Rumi

  Now  to  me  the  significance  of  those   words  is  the  love  in our heart  blooms  forever  and  that  we   should live by our  hearts..  that   Divine  love  is  important  and  that it  will  sustain our  very  existence     if   we  trust it  and   believe.. that     when  we  love ourselves  we  are the  rose   that  blooms   forever    because   we  are  also  one  with the  divine.. that  the  Divine  source  and  us  are one  and   since  we  are  one  then that  love in our hearts  blooms   forever  to  everyone  and  everything  we  touch  ever   day  no matter how   small or  big..

 roses   pink and  pearl  have  very personal  significance  to  me

  what is  your  thoughts  and   feelings on  the  quote?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. merlinsgranddaughter
    May 17, 2013 @ 11:28:55

    love is being in the flow and aligned with divine energy. when the bird outdoors sings its little heart out it is bringing and spreading love around in the air and around the house and even into my heart as I hear it. Love spreads so easily through the air. It’s fun to start love ins….just smile and they smile and then we create ripples and on and on the love spreads. love you, g


  2. whitestareagle
    May 18, 2013 @ 11:03:28

    smiles thank you for piping in your thought hon they are wonderful and I agree.. love you m


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