sustain your very exsistance

So  this  morning   I  am  posting  this  again .. I  posted it  elsewhere but it  so  so  very  very powerful  that i  have  to post it  again

these are word from Micheal Beckwith…I believe you are great !! that there is something that is magnificent about you!!! regardless about what has happened to you in your life regardless of how young or old you think you might be.. the moment you begin to think properly that something is within you there power within you that greater then the world. it will begin to emerge .. it will take over your life it will feed you, it will cloth you, it will guide you , direct you, protect you, SUSTAIN YOUR VERY EXSISTANCE if you let it!!

***SUSTAIN YOUR VERY EXSISTANCE is what has flew into my heart space and made me cry and not cause i’m sad but because of the very depth of love in those words****


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