Power animal for april ~ Lion

 here is  excert    from the    power  animal   for  the  month of  april   in  nourish pubications which is  lion

In this month of April lion has come forward to share wisdom with you.

There is a Roar to begin.

Lion is  sharing this  wisdom as  she prowls  and stalks up  with a  mighty  pounce into the  air and  then  a dead  run:

“My message to you is this:  Be Strong!! Be courageous!!Know your strength and like me stand tall and proud. Pounce  on your  dreams  with all you  might .Meet  any  challenge  with  strength, courage  and  fortitude. Roar your unique and special voice . …

 here is the  link below  to  read the   rest:

april power animal ~ lion

 to  read  more  power  animals  go  to the  link  below

power animal articles from nourish


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