What silly and playful thing are you going to do today to bring joy and awe to your heart and perhap someone elses

 so  here I  sit  this  morning  thinking  how  silly  I  can  be ..  no  not  the  I  am  so  silly    to  feel  this or  that  or  ohh  that  was  just  silly of  me  how  stupid..  I  was  thinking  more  along  the  lines of  ohhhh  how   wonderfully playfully  silly I  can  be..  that  child like playfulness I have  that make  me  laugh,  have  fun  and  be  able  to  be   in  awe and  joy  because I  am playing  like  children  do..  

 So  what  silly  and  playful  thing  are you  going  to  do  today that  will  make  you laugh  or  someone  else  laugh  and  bring  joy  and  awe  to  your  heart ?

  make  a silly  face  at  you   and  run  off  to  find  my puppets  to  take  to  work  to make  the  children  and myself  laugh


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  1. Gail Siler
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 11:31:57

    Well we have sun out here for the first time in weeks….I’ll take a walk and talk to the birds and love up with the dogs along the way. then later I’m going to color some more mandalas. geeZ, it sounds rather serious….guess I need to go to silly school!


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