Power animals for feb ~ Mouse and frog ~ The dynamic duo

I am sorry it is little late here is the article on the power animal I wrote for the month of february.. here is a exert for the article

So the dynamic duo for this month is mouse and frog. How did I come to these two power animals for this month you ask?

Quite literally they showed up simultaneously! Right now as I sit down to write, my voice literally sounds like a little mouse (squeak, squeak), or a little frog (ribbit, ribbit), or both at once. Dr. Phil (no, not the one on TV, the one who writes for Nourish) when he heard me said “Stop talking right now”, the real Dr. agreed! Since talking out loud is a problem right now what better way to communicate then through writing and channelling. I am sounding like our dynamic duo anyway, so what message do they have for us?….

To read the rest please go to the nourish link below:

power animals for feb ~ mouse and frog ~ the dynamic duo

ohh on a side note friend brought to my attention the frog sometime eat mice.. so we have a channel from preditor/ pray together .. our higher self/ our shadow self


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