sounds like a mouse squeak squeak and a frog ribbit ribbit

so I am losing my voice . I alternate between sounding like a mouse (squeak squeak ) and a frog (ribit ribit). lol… can you say release . Also I have to take a closer look at the messages the two bring and perhaps channel them .. that would be fun..

so I am off to laugh at myself and drink some lemon and honey with my tea and rest for the day as I not going to work since no one would understand me anyway.. chuckles.. yes Dr. Phil (friends partner) I am following your instructions *wink*

lol I would have called my friend Gail’s radio show last night however no one on the air would have understood me either.. as can see I finding the fact I’ve lost my voice quite funny.. cheak the show out sure it will be on her blog decoding the butterfly promise.. the link to it can find on the side of my blog.. little mouse and froggy signing off for now


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  1. Gail Siler
    Jan 11, 2013 @ 09:44:11

    squeak squeak! btw, when I go to like your mouse n ribit, I am asked to put in id and name now, what’s up with that? It’s your site not facebook asking. squeak squeak have a lemony day….I”m off to play Dr. G. at a big meeting for the centre. yea, we are getting it going. squeak n ribit! and love, g


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