More simple thoughts from the sleepy brain of WhiteStar Eagle

  ok  well I have  more  simple  thoughts  this  morning…

  the  first one is  can I  go back to  bed please!!!

the  second is  can I  take  a  vacation now  ..

 the    third is  wow it  is  ascension day  tomorrow  what  might   that  bring in possibilities ??


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  1. Gail Siler
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 13:25:12

    and speaking of 21 December, this was just sent to me. I enjoy the visual alot!

    check out Nourish Publication magazine for December for what this means for us immediately. Or if you like, you can find it also on butterfly promise blog:

    Remember Mayan Elder Ac Tah said the incoming energy would happen about middle of the day (who’s time, I”m not sure!) and last for about 8 minutes….the download that is. But to be aware of feeling really inspired and happy and write down every happy and creative thought you get so you can remember it and then get ready to start acting on things in 2013.

    Now, there’s a reason to get our of that warm bed that I am finding so hard to drag myself out of too. Or maybe just move from the bed to the sofa, cover with a warm blankee and day dream it all into being. Have a happy silly fun day!


    • whitestareagle
      Dec 20, 2012 @ 18:44:49

      thanks for the youtube gail going to watch it.. yes tommorrow in those 8 minute i ‘ll be at work.. i will bring my note pad though so maybe at sleep time in quiet moment i can write a few things.. lol yes reason to get out of bed but i was liking my woarm bed and all this morning.. hope you had a happy silly day too

      ox WhiteStar Eagle


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