I reread this this morning and thought I should reblog it ..It plays so beautifully into what dec 21 and this year is all about.

unfathomable love WhiteStar Eagle

Enchanted Grove

I have  a childlike  wonder  and an inner  child  that   is  just who I am . It is  there  for  all the  world to see. It is  in  fact a  running  joke in my  classroom of  15  toddler  that I  am  the  16th  toddler.. I  am the silly and  fun  teacher..

 it is  a  well  know  fact that laughter  and  fun  create  feel  good spontaneous  endorphins or endolphins (lol).. these endorphins flood  the  body  and what  do you know we laugh  and  smile  and have lots of  fun in our  experiences.  So  what  can you  do  today that  fun?  What  can you do  today that silly? What  can you  do  today that  will make you  or  someone  else  smile? Yes I  can hear it but I  don’t have  time  for   fun.  Being  silly is   just a  waste of  time.

The  truth is it is good  to  look  at things  with …

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