How are You going to have fun today ? how are you going to play with your inner child ?

 ahh the  joys  of  kittendom.. I  forgot   what having a kitten in the house  was  like.. it  reminds  me  of   when  we  were  all children   running out  side  playing  tag  and hide  and   seek  etc..  do you  remember  how  that  felt?    sit  for  moment  and take  that feeling in  and  then run  with it ..  I  do mean literally..  go  play  do  something  fun.. go play  with  your  friends and  family.. I  do since  I  work with  children   I  also  get  to  remember  that  all  day  long..  perhaps  for  me   that  is  what I know  keeps  me   young  and  with a  child like  spirit.. my  new  kitten magic  has  played  for  almost  three hour  without  stopping..  though i think he  decided   he   might be  tired  now..

  so   how  can   you  play  today   like    a   child?   what  would  bring  you   joy and  loads  of  fun ?   what  does your inner  child  like  to  do  and  go  play  with  them and  do it


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