Remember who you are and let it be in love

Good  morning.. In this  day remember WHO YOU ARE  not the role  you  are  and who you think  you should  be.. yes  you  are  mothers/ fathers, employers/ employees, daughters  /sons etc.  the  list is  endless but you  are   also  so  much  more infinite..  this is   what  we  are  speaking  about  today that  YOU !! the  You  that know  no  bounds because  you  are infinite !! the   You  that is  so  much  bigger  grander  and  all  encompassing !!  the  You that is one  with   all things  and  all of creation  and beyond !! can you   feel  You ? can  You   feel how  wonderful  and  expansive You  are ?!!  can  YOU  feel  the  love !!  can you feel the  magic of  YOU !!!?

 Can  you  just  let it  be in the  words  of  the  beatles and   JUST BE !! JUST  BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE FOR FEW MINUTES!!

  see how  that  feels ? notice  what is  diffrent..YOU  are   wonderful, powerful,  worthy, loving , amazing  and  I  am  so happy  to see  the  real  YOU !!


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