My least favorite season and what it might teach me

 hmmm  what  can I say this  morning?  I  find  myself  thinking  I do not  like the  cold.. however   when  asked  by other  why  don’t you move  somewhere  where  they is  a  warmer  climate.. I  immediately  say  no.. I  love   living  where I  live  and the  fact  we  have   four    different  seasons..  my least  favorite is   winter..  Now I  know  some  people that  their   least   favorite  season is  summer.. so maybe  today I will  think on  why Ido  not  like  winter  and   maybe  that  will  give me  some insight  into what part of  me  I need  to love..  for  everything has  a season  and  maybe  looking  at that might  give  me  some  new things  to  play  with  and shift  within  myself ..  then  again maybe   not  but I think  it   worth  a peek  at least


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