You might be the luckiest person alive and magic in once upon a time

  in my  transformation into a different  perspective I like  this note  from the  universe  today.. ohh  and  i  just  remembered my new  favorite  show season premiere on  tonight.. magic is  back in  storybrook in the  series  once  upon a  time.. with  new  fairytale  characters  and twist  and  turns..  so   this  will be   good  for  giving  me  my  wriggle   room  for  transformation..

 (insert your  name here), without a doubt, right here and now, as you read these very words with eyes that sparkle, this golden day, amid your dancing manifestations in a perfect world on an emerald planet while your heart beats, your blood flows, and angels peer over your shoulder, I think you just might be the “luckiest” person alive.

    The Universe


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