August ~ She who heals ~ serving the truth

For  a  long  time  I’ve  not  thought of this  book.. I  have posted   about it   before.. yesterday  the  book  and  the  13 grandmother  came  to  mind  again,,  the  message if  the   8th grandmother  was  brought to  my  attention..I  know  why  she  was  brought to  my  attention  .. I  was  guided  to  post   something   again on the   13 clan  mothers.. the   13 original  clan  mothers by  Jamie  Samms is  a  wonderful  book  for   exploring  them.

Perhaps I was  guided  to post  on  she  that heals  today because I am  feeling a bit  sad  and  stuck  lately .. I realizes  that I am  just in a  shift  at the  moment .. it is  a cycle.. so  perhaps I need  to rest  relax sleep  more like I  been  being  guided  to  do and   sure  that  was  a message  from the   8th   grandmother   now  that I  think on it .. In  doing  so relaxing  resting  and  sleeping  more  I  will listen and  hear   grandmother she  who heals  guided   me  thought  this  cycles  to healing ..   so that I  can  serve  the  truth

  So  come   join  me if  you   want   in listening  to   she   who  heals  and   see  what   guidance   she   give  you..

 the   eighth  grandmother  of   august is She Who Heals .. her lessons are about Serving the Truth. her  colour is   blue..She  who heals  is  : The Intuitive Healer/Midwife/Herbalist..Mother of all intuition..Keeper of the Healing Arts.. Singer of the Death Song and Keeper of Life and Death Mysteries..Guardian of the Medicine Roots and Healing Herbs and Servant of Humankind… all Rites of Passage… Cycles of Birth, Death and Rebirth.

 the  lessons  she teachs   are :

1) How to understand and honor the life cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.

2) How to believe in the miracles of life through our connections to our Spiritual Essences

3) How to understand the Plant Kingdom and the healing uses of all parts of plants.

4) How to serve others with a happy heart, using our healing abilities.

 How to Serve the Truth.


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