Never to late to give thanks in advance

It’s never, never, never too late, (insert your  name here), to give thanks in advance for the help you stand in need of, as if you’ve already received it. Because you just wouldn’t believe how much I can accomplish in no time at all, literally.

Thanks for listening,
    The Universe

I am  a  big  believer in  the  Creator, Divine  Source   what  ever  you own  personal  term is and  well  as  the  angels  and I  ask   for help  from them  a lot .. I  am  big believer in the laws  of  attraction..I  am  big  believe in manifestation.. so  that  being  said I  really  like  this morning   quote I got from a  note   from the  universe .. I  thought  I would  share it  with you  this  morning ..


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