I was guided to reblog this as i was meditating today doing heart centered breathing

Enchanted Grove

This  was  also  shared in my newletter. I am happy to  share  with you as  well.

Here is a  simple  technique to use  for heart  centered  breathing.. By  using  breath  and  focus we  can help ourselves  to become centered in our hearts  and  bring  ease  to ourselves  and  situations..

 1) bring your  focus  and  attention to the center of your chest in the area around your heart

 2) Breath  deeply but  normally and feel  as if your  breath is coming in  and   going out  through  Your heart.

 3) Activate a positive  feeling such  as  appreciation or  care.. Recall a time  when you felt  good Inside  and  re experince it

Try  and use heart  centered breathing for  five minute a  day  for  week.. With practice    you  will begin to notice  subtle  difference in your  life  and in those stressful  situations.

This  is  exercise that came  from  resource I have  from  the heart math  institute

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