Two really good books ~ divergent and a discovery of witches

 I  have been reading a lot  in the  last  week  and a half. I  read  two new  book I have  enjoyed  immensely.. the   first is  divergent by  veronica  roth..I loved  the  story  and   she is a  new author on the  scene  and I will  read  what  ever  she is  going  to put out ..I  could not  put   down divergent  the  second is  also by a  new  author  and   since I love  witch  stories I  am  loving  this  book.. so  far   can’t  seem to  put it  down  for  any long  period of  time..the  second  book  is  called a  discovery of  witches by Deborah  Harkness.. again there  will be  more   book but  the  next  book in  the  series  will not be out  till  2012


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  1. AD
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 02:43:00

    I had been reading The Discovery Of Witches, it was good (I haven’t finished it) but not can’t-put-it-down-good. I am reading The Witch’s Daughter and I am enjoying it much more than the previous book so far! When I finish I will pick up The Discovery Of Witches again. 🙂


  2. terry
    Jun 30, 2011 @ 22:45:58

    Hello White Star Eagle I ordered the book Divergent and it arrived already I ordered it after reading your post I have never had a book delivered that fast by Amazon the problem is I can barely see to do anything out of right eye. The dr screwed up the laser surgery and I can barely see out of right eye. Everyone I speak to in town is saying they would never get their health care here they fly down south, they all are on state insurance on Medicaid if someone in town does what I need done medicaid wont pay for me to have it done elsewhere I am getting frightened as my eye is getting worse so I have book but cant see to read it please if you might send love to my right eye I know what I want to do go to polyclinic down south but am not able too am very tired eye is wearing me out I need to keep it closed mostly and be in the dark. I spoke with my best friend in Seattle her husband and her were on vacation in Pennsylvania and his mother died in Wa while they were gone. The funeral will be Saturday so Saturday I am going to send Jim and char love and prayer. I am spending alot of time in prayer to Archangel Michael and resting my eye as much as possible I am frightened however because it is getting worse daily I go back to eye place 2morrow. Take care whitestar eagle i pray your heart is healing. I wont be back on the web I met you on however will continue to read your beautiful postings here on enchanted grove



  3. whitestareagle
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 03:38:32

    could alway see if you could get the book in auto form if have troble reading right now.. hope all turns out well in the long run.. i have not been on the net much latly as not feeling well and tired.

    take care whitestar eagle


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