What am I grateful for today? What are you grateful for today?

 What  am I  grateful for  today?

I  am  grateful  that I  sleep comfortably in  my  bed.

I  am  grateful that I  am  breathing.

I  am  grateful that I love  all the people  that I do.

I am grateful that my  16-year-old  cat is  still with me  and  healthy  for her  age.

 So  now it is   your  turn.

 What  are you  grateful  for  today ?


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  1. terry
    Jun 10, 2011 @ 23:25:55

    I am grateful today I have a bed in a hospital and three meals a day I am grateful on Monday I undergo emergency surgery for a detached retina. I am grateful for the 87 years I had my papa Jack with me, I am grateful for the family that made me part of their family for 10 years,I am grateful for the time period I grew up in, where the neighbors looked after all the kids on the block, where we hung our clothes out to dry in the backyard, I am grateful that I had two parents and that I had the family two doors down with 6 kids in it. I am grateful for nana and mikey and for Ivan my fathers best friend who is still going strong at 90 I am grateful I have a refrigerator and can go get milk any time day or night (it has not always been the case) I am grateful for the heatlh care I recvd down south. i am grateful for the alcholics in town as they teach me a lesson every day. I am grateful for a blessed man who shared his story and for a breif moment was part of mine and got me off booze. I am grateful for Chief who lives in his wheelchair and blesses me every time I bring him hot coffee and a muffin. I am grateful for White Star Eagle for her strength and her stamina, I am grateful for her little cat that provides her comfort daily. I am grateful to go to such a beautiful website and see such beautiful pictures. I am grateful for the Alaskan natives who know how to live off the land and what it means to them how they honour everything and everyone. I am grateful for the love I have received in this life. I am grateful that I now can go home from the hospital next week hopefully I am grateful for my eyesight for my hands and feet and legs for my heart and my compassion for some very special people I have run across on a board and for my God who is looking down on me saying all will be well. I am grateful for music as it lifts up my soul.l am grateful for our little ones for their magic and their innocence. Bless all of you reading this you have an amazing woman here in your White Star Eagle I am grateful I had a father for 66 years that represented truth and honour and integrity that took care of me and put food on the table. I am grateful for Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and I am grateful for my granny Emily Baker that she made me memorize and read her the 23rd Psalm over and over and over. I am grateful for the fire dept in my town and for my cedar wedar.


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