Time flys when your taking pictures

Today I  spent  most of  the  day taking  photo.. I bought a  new  camera about  two  weeks  ago.. I  have taken  shot  and  cropped 162 pics in that  time.. many of  the  photo I  take  are nature maṇḍala  shoots.  actually  mandalas  are  ancient technique  for spirituality  and  meditation.. I  lose  track of  time  while i  am  doing them.. In  fact  today I was  so busy taking  photos  and  enjoying the  process . As  result I had  very  good  day without  feeling  weepy  and  sad..

here  are  couple I  took with  new  camera


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  1. dougiesy
    May 21, 2011 @ 22:39:38

    Beautiful Pics! Rich colors!! Thanks


  2. whitestareagle
    May 21, 2011 @ 23:36:37

    thank doug i’ve taken alot and I really really like the ones I took today..
    I am glad you like them.. my mind and everything else was in the moemtn while doing so

    unfathomable love we


  3. terry
    May 22, 2011 @ 21:57:18

    this is a story i wrote in english class last year wse i dont know how much more I can handle honestly I dont know how much more I can handle God be with you

    Terry Baker
    English 092, Exemplification Essay Draft 2
    Boydston, Instructor
    20 September 2009
    A Letter to my Papa Jack

    As I approach the hardest three months of my life, I realize that every life has a story. Papa Jack, ours has intermingled. Following your massive stroke, our roles changed, with me becoming the adult and you the child. However, it was your loving me and providing care for me throughout my life that allowed me to grow up into adulthood. You raised me with a sense of integrity, a strong moral fiber, an importance of living your truth, a strong work ethic, a respect for others, a safe warm place to live, memories, emotional security, financial support, and taught me the importance of saying thank you. You also taught me not to take things for granted and to appreciate what I did have, even when I wanted a lot more.
    Thank you for teaching me that money doesn’t grow on trees. This was a concept I had a difficult time figuring out until I was out on my own.
    Because of the lessons and gifts you gave me, I have developed a strong work ethic and know the importance of being dependable, working hard, not cheating for hours, and not calling in sick to take a day off just for the “heck of it.”
    You taught me independence by not being, in your words “my taxi.” By not driving me everywhere I wanted to go, you gave me the gift of learning how to navigate first in our home town, and then to have the courage to travel to other cities and learning the public transportation system easily once I got there.
    I wish I would have said thank you more often during our life together. The greatest gift I received was being able to be there and provide care and safety for you during your last month of your life. The anniversary of that month is approaching. Although you raised me to be strong, learning to live without you in my life has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. You will always be with me in spirit. I love you Dad, always and forever, your little peanut head.


  4. whitestareagle
    May 22, 2011 @ 23:22:18

    that is a lovly letter to your father thanks for sharing..

    unfathomable love we


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