Another meditation and healing energy to send to Japan to calm reactors and fears

My friend eyes of fire sent this to me and we  did  a group  healing meditation  for  japan  last  night  using  this  guided  meditation..  there  was a    group of us  doing it..  however  this  meditation  can be  used  anytime to  help  to  cool the  reactors  and  the fears over  there..

 You  can use  this  mediation  any time  you like  though  we  were  guided  to do this  yesterday  and  700 pm pacific  time.. however i  will be using it  and  doing  it at other times  too.. it  was   a  powerful mediation  and  energy  for  all those involved  and  was  beautiful  to behold over  japan

 I  am  placing the  email and  meditation here  for  all that  wish to use it

unfathomable love whitestar eagle and eyes of fire

I am being encouraged to get us together instantly so that at 7pm pacific  we can join energies and send them to Japan to cool the reactors and calm the fears over there. My impression is this is urgent.

(again  we had  done  this  last  night  but You  can  do it  anytime You want  and  get  group  together to  do it  as  well or join  with  others  and your  guides  that  are  sending out  the  same  time  as  you are)

I trust my source and am inviting you to join me on the spur of the moment right at 7 to 7:15 tonight. (this  was  done  last  night  but  please  feel  free  to  do this  meditation  anytime you  want  to)
guided imagery. We will imagine linking energy with our guides and with each another in a grid that expands into a butterfly energy the size of a city. This energy is multidimensional and balanced and is filled with unconditional love which gently flows over top of Japan’s worst areas, especially the reactors, and drops lasers of unconditional love off each aspect of the butterfly grid down onto the earth, the reactors and the people who are fearful and upset and suffering. Each of us will be joined by our own multidimensional teams so call upon them.

Thank you for choosing to be partners in this.


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