Parenting and children ~ card of the day from healing with the fairies

parenting  and  children

 a  positive  change is occurring for you in the  area of  parenting. an unexpected occurence  will herald a happy outcome between you  and a  parent,a  child or  both.

by  drawing this  card you  are encouraged  to face up  and heal any bad or ill  feeling have  with  family members.. this  card  could  also  signal that a  new  family member is  coming into your life. this  could mean a new child or a  family member  by marriage. it  could  also mean  the  return of  family member with whom you have lost touch  and connection with. these changes come you on the breath  and  wind of  heaven meaning  that you  are  safe, protected  and  will  get  great  joy  and  enjoyment  from them..

affirmation I have happy parent and  child  relationships. I  allow my heart to open up so that I can feel compassion and love for  all members of my family


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