musings on this cold and freezing morning

My  first  thought is after seeing how  cold it is outside  with the  wind  chill  is  damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it is  colddddddddddddd..burrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!  The  second has  me musing over just how much  we  fret over  things.. this  fretting helps us  sometimes to realizes  that something  is amiss  and needs looking  at.. however, fretting on  a  continual  basis becomes a detriment at  some point. this  is  because then we  can not  see the solution or  take  inspired  action to  solve  the issues because the wheel of  fretting  keeps us in a cycle.. so balance is  needed even though it is hard  sometime  to  stop our  mental  chatter..  seriously  one of  the  best  ways I have  found is yes  an old standard  way of  coping  but it  works  and that is  concentrating on your  breathing  and  taking  some  long  deep  breaths.. yes  meditating and  focusing on your  breathing helps  to  center you..

*laughs*  for  me the  last  few  months if  I  add  yoga to that it sometime helps  to


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