Beginning a new year

Today is the  first  day of the  new year.. I have  woken  up a little melancholy.. However i  am reminding myself  that today is the  first  day of  the  new  year  and  i  will flip the  switch.. For i have much to be  thankful  for.. focusing on that  will help me focus..  I  just  read over my new years  message  and that made me  smile  and   flip the  switch .. I  am  off to do  something I  enjoy  doing  and make  me happy to  do..I think this is  good  start  to the  new year  doing  things i like  to  do  and being  grateful  for the  things I  do have.. yes I  am  going to  focus on that  now  and  that  will  and has  flipped  the  switch..

 The  new  year is  full of possibilities  and  I  slip out  to contemplate  them .. HAPPY  PROSPEROUS ABUNDANT NEW YEAR  EVERYONE !!!!


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