Colouring mandalas a hobby I’ve not done in long time

 One of  the  things I uses  to  do  for  fun, creativity  and spirituality is  colouring  mandalas. Then I  went  to  drawing my own  and  colouring them.. I  have not done   this in  long  time.. however, I  decided  due  to  circumstances   in last  while  that I might  need  to  get  back  to  doing  some of  the old  things  I use  to enjoy doing.  So  yesterday  friend  and I  went out  and  spent the  day together  colouring  mandalas and  shopping  for new medium  to  do it  with.. I   bought  new colouring   book  celtic  and   some  crayons  to  try  with

It is  very interesting process  when you  colour  a  mandala  and  when you  sit  and  colour  with  someone  else. how  the  same  picture and  two  different  people  go  at it.. it is  lovely  spiritual  process because the colouring of  one  takes on it own life..  for  example I had  an idea of  what  colours I  was  going to  use on this  mandala  yesterday.. it  was  pinks  and  purples and  as I  coloured it  and  looked  at it  I  was  colouring mostly in  greens. Now in the meaning of  colours  green is a healing  colour.. yes I  am in  need  of  some healing  energy..  so see I  intended  one  thing  but  the  colouring  took on  a life of  it own  and  gave me  another.


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