Whacked my head yesterday

Yesterday morning I  wacked my head on the   corner of  my  desk  as I  woke up.. after immediately squealing in pain  and a  swear  word or  two.. I  went  to the  bathroom to  see how  big  a goose  egg I had  given myself. To my  surprize I had  also cut myself on the  desk. So  why  am I  mentioning the  fact  that I  actually hurt  myself   yesterday? I  been thinking  about  why that happened   when I  been  sleeping in that bed  by my desk  for least a  couple of  months  and  I  never  done it  before..

 My  thought on that is  I needed  A  literal  whacked on the head instead of the  usual  metaphorical  one..  That  said  wake  up  and  pay  attention..  see that the other thing i  was  not  do  when I woke up  yesterday  paying  attention.. I  was  putting  something on the  desk  and in  my foggy morning brain obviously  got  to  close  to the  edge of it.. So the  lesson is a  literal  whack on the  head  that  says pay  attention.. It  could  also mean stop punishing  myself  for  stuff as metaphorically  bruises  which I  do have  with it  are  self  punishment and the bump of  life.. so perhaps I have to  do that stop self  punishing  myself  and  pay  attention..


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