Full moon/Lunar eclipse in Gemini on December 21, 2010

  On December 21, 2010 the full moon is in Gemini and is a total lunar eclipse. At this time the   full moon is in Gemini.  The sun is in Sagittarius.  So the elements in play are air and fire.  Full moon  are  about  completion  so you  might  want to  finish  anything that  was  started in  New moon in Sagittarius on dec 5, 2010. Use  what  you now   know  from  the last  new  moon   to make  plans  for  the  new  year. Now  would  be a  good  time  to  put  your  ideas  at this  time into  solid  action.  This is an excellent moon to move any energy quickly and with targeted speed from thoughts to things. This full moon you may wish to work on magical studies, short  writing  pieces  the  need power and oomph, issues involving your  children  education  in the  lower  grades,  meditating  in other places   not  far  from you home this is  time  to  work on  creativity in  writing such  as  stories, poems  meditations, rituals etc. this  full moon in  Gemini  is a  writer  dream.

 Eclipses speed things up and help us to make necessary changes in our lives that need to be changed. This  full  moon allows us  to face our old habits, fears, shadows and in  truth and learning find a  way to release whatever  is  holding us  back  and  keeping us  prisoner in our  life. It is time to lovingly release what no longer serve you for your highest good. In doing this  there  will  be opportunities for  deeper understanding, knowledge, love and  finding balance in our  lives. This   full moon in  Gemini we  will  bring  together our  spirit, body and  mind into  wholeness and  that will help us  to feel more  at  peace with ourselves  and others. This  will in turn help us recognize  where  we  were  not  being  true  to who we  really  are  and our wholeness. Then we will be able to change our lives so it is more calm and peaceful… that  will open our hearts and  make  us  more  able  to  love unconditionally and to  share ourselves  fully and openly with   those   we  love  and others. In  bringing our  wholeness into balance  then we improve our  relationships  and  the  ability  to  manifest them in our  lives  and   anything  else as  well. When we do this everything is more loving, joyful and honest.

 Gemini  is  about  communication, education, thought, ideas, your interactions  with others, communication you may  want  to  also  focus   and  work with  things in  these  areas.. Sagittarius  is  about  spirituality, personal  growth through  experiences, higher  education  may also  want to  focus  and  work on things in these  areas..When working  with  these  things  though  find a  balance  between the  two. Gemini is about logical thinking and knowledge. Sagittarius is about understanding by looking for the higher meaning and purpose in things. So in this full moon you must balance knowledge with wisdom.  Wisdom is important to put into action now.

 This full moon brings the thirteenth clan mother to mind. Becoming her vision ~ Be~ing the truth. she  teach  us  not  to be  blinded  by  limiting  beliefs or  illusions.This transformation in all ways bring us to understand that we are infinite, universal, compassionate, creative extension of the love of all that is… she  show  us how  to bring all  parts of us  together in  balance to own our  total Be-ing.  How to bring our body, heart, mind and spirit into WHOLENESS and BE. She teach us that the unfathomable eternal flame of love live inside each and every one of us… that  human  potential is  LOVE and  we  are love. If  you want  to  review  her  lessons  and  know  more  about her then look  here Unification of all ~ Becomes Her Vision ~ BE the truth.

In native astrology on December 22 we will be in earth renewal moon. The earth renewal moon concentrates on greater responsibility,  inner knowing and teaching. Life is  a constant  and  continual learning process there  will be  times when  we  move  from the roles of  student  to  that  of  teacher. You in this time have probably mastered some area of your life. Having succeeded in triumphed over opposition or hardship it is now time to share your newfound wisdom with others. the  greatest  teacher  are those  that  teach  with love  and  compassion bringing  forth some expression of  their heart to open  another  vision. Offer assistance to other in a gentle loving way that allows other people the freedom of expression to work out their own solutions. the  hardest   part of  being a  teach is offering your  wisdom then  standing   back without  judgment  and  allowing  the  student   to  follow  their own paths  and  make  their own mistakes.

Pace yourself and do not take on more than you can handle in the way of responsibilities.  Keep an open heart and be compassionate with yourself and others. Everything else will unfold in positive light. as  well  remember  to be  true to yourself and inner  knowing  so you can be  the  truth and be who you  really  are in wholeness  and  Be~ing


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