Today’s musings

 today  musing  are about glee  actully..I really  liked  this  week  show because  Brittney  one of  the  characters  even though  she is in high school still believes in santa .. the  whole  show  revolve around  everyone  plan to make her christmas magical  because  she  still believe..  however a  hitch to their  plan  happens and  she  start to lose  faith..however then by  christmas   spirit  a secret gift  appears  and her faith in  santa is  renewed but  not   just hers.. this  renewal of  faith   happens  for  everyone..

 my thought  are on this  because i loved  the  innocent belief  and  faith  that  we  can have  at  anytime in spirit  of  christmas and  in santa.. in  our  family my family  gift  still  come  from  santa

 so how do you have  the innocence and  faith to believe in  santa, elves  and  rain dears because it  that  same innocence  and  faith that believes in miracles.


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