Taking my own advise

I  was  thinking  today of  post I made not  long   ago  about  why do  we  feel  we need  to  get  sick to  take  a day off.. well on the  weekend I  was in  emerg for a asthma attack..  nothing  to  severe so  not  to  worry.. however,   yesterday was sick with  sinuses, off  and on  fever hot  and  cold  coughing  etc.. yupe you guessed it  I  went into  work  and   worked  through the  day  anyway..My  thought on that  was it  would  look  bad  to  call them  1/2 hr   before  started  to  say  was  not   coming. so I suffered  and   pushed  through the  day.. why?  let  be honest disapproval and  I  need  the money..

I  when I  got home from work I  did  take  care of  myself.. So I  took my own  advise  this  morning  and  called in  sick and   not  going to  work. I  should  have really  taken the  day off  yesterday  to but live  and  learn.. I  am only human  and have human  frailties  as  we  all  do.. however forgive myself  will  be  gentle on myself  and  see  what tomorrow  brings.


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