Unification of all ~ Becomes Her Vision ~ BE the truth

The 13th clan mother is  Becomes Her Vision…the lessons  that  she  teaches are about BE-ing the Truth. As the  completion  and  unification of all 12 other grandmothers she is Guardian of Transformation and Transmutation; Keeper of the Emergence of Spirit into Physical Form; Mother of Alchemical changes and Rites of Passage into Wholeness; Guardian of Personal History, Becoming and Myth.

She is  the  keeper  and mother  of  all  the  cycles  of transformation that  we  go  through. She  is the 13th clan  mother. She  teach us  how  to bring our  spiritual  essence into our bodies so that  we  can  become love that  we  are intended  to BE. So  we  are living temples  of  love. By becoming our personal visions, dreams  and  using our  talents for the  good  of  all of  humanity. then we  can come into  the  world of peace , love, harmony  and  illumination and  claim it as our own in  oneness  and unity with all of  humanity  and  creation.  she  teach  us  how  transform  through all the cycles  and lessons  so that we  grow and  transform   spiritually  and  evolve. she  teach  us  not  to be  blinded  by  limiting  beliefs or  illusions. this  transformation in  all ways  bring  us  to understand that we  are infinite, universal, compassionate, creative extension of the love of all that is.. she  show  us how  to bring all  parts of us  together in  balance to own our  total Be-ing.  how  to  bring our body, heart, mind  and  spirit into  WHOLENESS and  BE. she  teach us  that the unfathomable eternal  flame of love live inside each and  every one  of us.. that  human  potential is  LOVE and  we  are love.

 The  lessons  she  teaches  us  are :

1) How  to become our visions and our own wholeness.

2) How  to release the old Self and step into the realized dream.

3) How  to honor the process that brought us through the changes and transformation.

4) How  to mark the Right of Passage into Wholeness and celebrate the Vision we have become.

 How to BE the Truth.


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