sound therapy

 I bought a  sound  therapy  machine on the  weekend it  was fairly inexpensive and it has 10  setting  for  sound  therapy. there is  rainfall, running  stream  waterfall, songbirds, heartbeat, white noise, ocean  waves,  summer night, thunderstorm  and  tropical forest. the  first  day I  got it  I  listened  to the  running  stream  very  soothing .  today I  listened  to the heart  beat  and  it was  very  calming  for it made me  feel  safe in the  womb.. it  is  nice  for relaxing  sound  and  in those  time that  we  all need  a bit of  sound  therapy..

 I  do have  a waves cd   that I  love  to play  as well.. I think that  we all need to  take  time  to do  little  sound  therapy in  what  ever  way  we  feel  guided  to..  whether it is through  music listening  to or  playing,  whether it is  through dancing listening  to music or  out  in nature listening to the  wind that  grass  the  trees.. the latter is  one of  my  favorite going    to nature  and listening  to the  tree  the lake  the  wind etc.. so  now i have little  sound  therapy in my house  for  when i  do not have the  time  to do those things I  love  or  want  to  relax  with  some  lovely sounds


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