Full moon in taurus on November 21, 2010 (blue moon)

On november 21, 2010 the  full moon is in taurus  and is  a blue  moon.. The  sun is in scorpio. So the   elements  at  play  are earth  and  water. Meditations   to focus on  would  be focus on long  term  success for  any kind type of investment (time  money  energy, home, business)for  things that you  value.. What is of genuine  value in your life? Is it  time to  leave the old  behind and   to create  something  new?. finding  security, investigating ones own  standing  where finances  are  concerned and seeking  stable  ways  to  save  money.. this is  also  a great  and powerful time  to  meditate on opportunities  for long  term  success especially in the  financial  area.. However  taurus is  also  about  stability so that is  also  a  good  thing  to meditate on..  watch out  for   bullheadness.. this  full moon  is  good  time  for clearing out  in  all  ways  mentally,  physically, emotionally  and  spiritually.

This full moon helps  us  to look  at our  values and  and what  we  value in our life.  then it helps  us  to work on  ways to foster  and  grow in those  values to  create  them in our  lives. I  spoke  about it  being harvest time so it is  a time  to  be  thankful and  grateful. This full moon   you  can  also  focus on   productiveness  and success. How  will You be  productive?  what is your idea of  success  and how  can you make that happen? be  proud of your  self  for your  successes.  Be proud of  other  people  successes..  help each other  to  succeed in those  successes by using  teamwork.For in  teamwork there is  also something  sacred in helping  one  another  succeed

 The  clan  mother the  month of  november and this moon  cycle  is still  walks  tall  women. her  lessons are on how  to walk the  truth. I have  written a  post already on the  clan mother of  this  month.  For those  interested in knowing more  about her  and the  lessons  she  teaches us then look here November ~ Walks tall woman ~ walking the truth.

In native  astrology  we  are as of november 22, 2010 are in the long  snows  moon.  The Long snows moon  concentrates on contemplation, messages and deliberation.. this  time   bring in a  time of  quiet contemplation. it is  time  to  open up  your  mind  and heart and see beyond the  everyday and ordinary. It is  time to  connect and journey to the  divine and  other worlds of  perception.  there you  might  just  find  an important  message awaits  you. this  message will help you  along your  path. enjoy the  feeling  and peace that  comes  with  entering the silence of  the  womb  of  the  divine and be.  this is  time  for your  plan  your  success and  to go  at  a slow  steady and  deliberate  pace so  that your plans reach completion . live in  the  present  moment.  come  to things in this  time  with  a loving  and  gentle  mind  then things you thought  hard , stressful or  burden  can become blessings . listen to the  messages  you  receive  from  spirit now for they may feel like long  lost  missing pieces now  coming together. the   blessing  of  the  long  snows moon is  that  a  slower  pace allows you to  flush out  the  detail that  are not  really needed  and  to  recognize  what is  truly important .

So for this  full moon in  taurus I wish you  a lovely  and  successful time in  slowing  down your  pace  to truly  take  look  at  what is  important  to you.. To  take the  time you need to listen to the  divine  and the  messages creator , your  guides, your totem animals, angels and  the  great mystery has  to  give you.. In those messages  know you  are loved  by the  divine  and all that is completely  and beyond measure.


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  3. vsint shendy
    May 28, 2011 @ 05:45:24

    so amazing all god’s creation


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